Tool Report is the brainchild of one member of the industrial tool community who has been involved in this industry from all aspects over the past 20 plus years.  From working the counter of a large STAFDA house to working as a manufactures rep for one of the largest power tool companies and then branching out and starting up his own tool supply company.  And finally rounding out his background with launching his own metalworking & woodworking tool manufacturing company.  He has seen and experienced every facet of this ever changing world of tools.  Over those 20 years he has developed a strong love for the tool community and wanted to take his passion in a creative direction and give a little back.  And with that passion Tool Report was born.  Starting as just an online source for tool reviews and industry news it’s now morphing into much more.  Stay tuned for much more coming from Tool Report.


Tool Report Highlights

  • Online tool reviews and comparisons.
  • Industry news and highlights.
  • How-to tool related articles and videos.
  • Industry discussion forums with manufacturer reps as members.
  • Merchandising supplies and programs for the tool supply industry.
  • More coming soon!

Our Goal:

We are not here to profit or benefit from the tool industry, rather the opposite.  The goal of Tool Report is to give back to an industry which has been the love and passion of it’s owner.  Giving back is in the form of information, experiences, creative content and discounted merchandising supplies.


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