2 Minute SawStop Professional Model Setup Assembly

Stripped Down Fast Forward SawStop PCS Assembly Video.

Real Time with NO Cuts or Edits for Time.

We performed a SawStop Professional saw assembly recently and decided we should film the entire process from start to finish.  This video is a teaser for two additional videos which will be coming out shortly.  This fast forward video is uncut footage of a full assembly of a SawStop PCS with 52″ T-Glide fence and Industrial mobile base with conversion installed.  While the whole assembly took around 2.5 hours, this sped up video takes less than 2 minutes.  We will be releasing a full version of the video with cuts made for content which will be in the 1 hour range.  And then additionally we will be releasing a more trimmed down lean 10 minute video.  Be sure to subscribe to be notified of our newest videos.


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