Imperial Blades Purchased By Milwaukee Tool (TTI)

Wisconsin based Milwaukee Tool a subsidiary of Techtronics Industries (TTI) has acquired Imperial Blades of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Imperial Blades

Imperial Blades Back Story.

Founded in 2008 Imperial Blades is the originator of the universal fitment shank blade for oscillating multi-tools.  Their US made blades are known for high quality and longevity.  In particular their “Titanium STORM” blades which are claimed to last 30% longer.


How Will This Effect the Tool Industry?

With Milwaukee Tool not having a strong position in the multi-tool blade category this will be an instant boost for them.  Imperial blades have been a strong brand on the multi-tool blade scene.  They have a huge selection and continuously bring new products to market.  We here at Tool Report feel this is a great marriage of two companies who have very forward thinking operations.  As long as Milwaukee Tool keeps a hands off approach to Imperial Blades and let’s them continue with their current course things should work out quite well.



Imperial Blades

Overlap of Products.

One area of note is with the Imperial Blades reciprocating saw blades.  This is a product overlap with Milwaukee Tool and their very strong lineup of recip saw blades.  It will be interesting to see if they discontinue some of this product offering or if they will maintain these blades as well.  Many times when companies merge or are acquired it’s natural to refine their product offering and trim away the items which clash.


Sales Staff Structure.

We inquired about upcoming organizational or sales structure changes.  Milwaukee Tool says for the time being Imperial Blades will continue to operate as a separate company and they will not merge any of the companies sales or management staff.  It would make sense to merge the sales side of things together for the sake of efficiency and likely it will happen over the course of a year or two.  At least that is our best guess from seeing this happen with many companies over the years.


Milwaukee Multi Tool


Be sure to check out our article about Imperial Blades releasing the first ever Titanium coated multi-tool blade.


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