Festool to Start Manufacturing FS Guide Rails in the US

Festool US Made Rails

FS Guide Rails are the first product to be manufactured at the Festool facility in Lebanon, IN.

In a recent announcement Festool stated they are now producing all of their North American bound FS guide rails in the US.  Their North American Headquarters in Lebanon, IN has capacity to produce more than just the guide rails and Festool said they plan on including additional products in the future.


Festool US Made Rails



Destination and Materials

The FS Guide Rails will be manufactured using US sourced materials and will begin shipping to both US and Canadian markets towards the end of this year.


From the Company.

This quote from Ole Held, CEO of Festool USA sums up their thinking.  “German engineering and American manufacturing is a powerful combination,”   He goes on to state.  “Launching a U.S. production line will allow us to expand the Festool presence in North America and strengthen our commitment to create innovative, precise, superior quality products.”


Festool US Made Rails




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