SawStop Acquired by TTS Tooltechnic Systems (FESTOOL)

SawStop of Tualatin, Oregon today announced they are being acquired by the parent company of Festool, TTS Tooltechnic Systems out of Wendlingen Germany.  In this shocking dealer bulletin they do not state many details.  Operations will continue from their Oregon headquarters.  The time line for this acquisition completion is next month so it sounds like not much is changing operationally which is a good thing.  Sawstop is run like a Swiss watch and it would be sad to see that breakdown.


TTS Tooltechnic Systems, Wendlingen Germany

The company of TTS Tooltechnic Systems is made up of several brands.  The main brand is Festool which is a very high quality power tool brand known manly amongst the woodworking world.  Cleantec dust extractors is another brand.  The Systainers that we all know and love are part of the Tanos brand.  And then rounding out the more popular brands is their line of Schneider piston and screw air compressors.  There are several other lesser known brands but these cover the main ones we would know from the US.  TTS employs around 2600 employees all over the globe.


SawStop, Tualatin Oregon

​SawStop was founded by Dr. Steve Gass who invented the first saw in 1999.  Along with three friends the SawStop brand was born.  In 2004 the first saw was sold to the public and today it’ the number one selling cabinet saw in the United States.  Their saws are built in Taiwan and designed and engineered out of their Oregon headquarters which employs around 50 people.  SawStop is a privately owned company as well is TTS.



We spoke to several dealers today about this bulletin.  All were surprised but none felt any apprehension.  Most felt it would be a good move.  The companies operate very similar in many ways so it seems like a good marriage.


SawStop Dealer Bulletin

Sawstop Acquired by Festool

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