Milwaukee +Stop Lock 2″ & 4″ Hand Clamps

Milwaukee +Stop Lock Clamps

The +Stop Lock clamps from Milwaukee Tools have been out for around a year but we are just now getting around to writing about them.  For the past year we have been using these in the Tool Report woodworking shop testing them out noting our thoughts.  When it comes to hand clamps such as these there isn’t a lot to discuss.  They clamp items together at their given capacity.  End of story.  But there’s more to clamps when you get into the details.

The few specifics which are always mentioned by users are the following.


Clamping Pressure

We tried to get our hands on a clamping pressure testing tool but they are not very common.  As bummed as we were to not be able to state details specs on clamping pressure, we still wanted to relay along our seat of the pants feedback.  After using both the 2″ and 4″ version of these clamps we have come to the conclusion that they have upper middle of the scale clamping pressure.  There were several occasions where we did wish it had more force.  These were time when wanting to force items together.  Honestly this would be asking a bit more of this clamp than what it was designed for.  And we realize they are well within the clamping force for the tasks they were designed for.


Release Mechanism

The two things in common with just about any hand clamp is they clamp items together and also need to be released easily.  Some release more easily than others.  On these Milwaukee +Stop Lock clamps its as easy as pressing a simple steel release lever.  It’s simple and works great.  Over the course of our testing we never had any issues with the clamps sticking or not wanting to release.  In the end we couldn’t ask for the release to be any better.


Pad Usefulness

Clamps of this type will almost always have adjustable pads.  Swiveling or pivoting heads are the standard like are what’s on the Milwaukee +Stop Plus clamps.  These pivoting pads are securely riveted on.  On the pads are small grooves which we found handy when clamping small round dowel stock and similar.  The pads are a little tight and do not move super easily but we would much prefer this to them flopping about.



Over the past couple decades we have used hand clamps which do not fir the hand well or are awkward to use from a fit standpoint.  The over-molded rubber handles are a pleasure to use and never felt uncomfortable.  About our only complaint was when fully opened and needing to clamp materials close to the full capacity your hand was spread very wide.  If you have small hands this could be an issue.


Models Available

The Milwaukee +Stop Lock hand clamps come in both 2″ and 4″ models.

48-22-3002, 2″ +Stop Lock Hand Clamp

Milwaukee +Stop Lock Clamps Milwaukee +Stop Lock Clamps


48-22-3004, 4″ +Stop Lock Hand Clamp

Milwaukee +Stop Lock Clamps Milwaukee +Stop Lock Clamps


Tool Report Conclusion

After a year of using these clamps we have fallen in love with them.  They have become our go-to clamp for small materials.  We also have some Bessey Ratcheting Spring c-lamps which we like quite a bit but these Milwaukee +Stop Lock clamps are grabbed before the Bessey’s now.  We do feel the 2″ 48-22-3002 model is a bit small and have frustrated us at times that wish they were juct a bit larger but this is a product of our usage and not of it’s inherent built-in shortcomings.


Milwaukee +Stop Lock Clamps Milwaukee +Stop Lock Clamps


Tool Report Details

Tool Manufacturer: Milwaukee Tools
Web Link:
Model #: 48-22-3002, 48-22-3004
Includes: Clamp only
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Estimated Street Price: 48-22-3002 $6, 48-22-3004 $8
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Availability: Now

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