Makita Remote & Headlamp LED 18V LXT Lights – Coming to the US?

In this global market which extends far beyond the United States it’s very interesting to look at products in other countries to get an idea of what might be coming to our shores.  On a recent late night surf session I came a across a couple lights on the Australian Makita site.  These two light are both a remote battery pod/holder with an attached wired light.


Makita BML803 LED 18V Light

Makita LED Light

The Australian Makita site doesn’t list much if any specifications on the BML803 .  They do list a run time of 24 hours on a 3.0Ah battery so that would suggest a not very bright light.  It does have a high and a low setting so maybe the published 24 hour rating is on low which would be encouraging that high might have better output and a corresponding lower run time.  The included belt clip and lanyard mounting loop round out the minimal features.

I think this light could be a very handy light wehn needing to get into tight confines which a standard 18V powered light would have issues with.  I can’t count how many times over the years I’ve tried stuffing a BML185 into a wheel well or other tight space.  This little Makita BML803 would be perfect for such a situation and the lower light output would be completely adequate for such a need.


Makita DML800 LED 18V Headlamp Light

Makita LED Light

The Australian site does list a few more specifications for the DML800.  This unit appears to be powered by a similar external battery pod as the BML803.    The head features 7 angled pivoting points and has a 1.6w light.  No lumen ratings are given.  The lamp is water resistant but the battery pod is not.  Run time is rated at 20 hours and no mention of a high/low setting is stated.  This lamp is something we have been discussing internally for many years.  Ever since the heated jackets were launched with a similar remote battery pod our brain gears started turning on the possible accessories which could use that arrangement.  A headlamp was always one of our future proposed items.  We had intended to write a “Tool Prediction” article but never got around to it.  Doh!


So Are These Makita LED Lights Coming Here?

It’s hard to say for sure but I would say it’s only a matter of time until these lights hit our market.  At least the headlamp for sure.  With Makita USA pushing very hard on having the largest 18V platform it seems only natural to bring into the US market any items that fits our market need.  Both of these lights should find a home here easily enough.  I’d buy the headlamp for sure and could justify the BML803 for certain tasks.



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