Milwaukee Underhood Automotive M12 Cordless LED Light

One Automotive Underhood LED Light to Rule Them All!

Milwaukee M12 Underhood Light


Building a Better Mouse Trap

Let’s face it when working on a car or truck there isn’t a one size fits all solution for lighting.  Some guys will use a magnetic based LED light to mount to the underside of the hood.  I’ve personally done this for years but with hood insulation and not magnetic materials this method can be a pain.  Hanging via a hook works but leaves you with a dangling light which can get in the way.  Then there are creative options with tilting head lights resting within the compartment.  Like I said there isn’t a go-to best solution.  But then Milwaukee releases the new 2125-20 and 2125-21XC underhood lights which in my opinion are the best solution so for underhood illumination.  Two versions are available, both bare and kit.  Bare tool is the 2125-20 and the kit form is the 2125-21XC.


How it Works

The key to 2125-20 and 2125-21XC lights is the sliding aircraft aluminum frame with gripping FINISHGUARD hooks.  This mounting option allows you to adjust the frame to fit the width of your hood and then the hooks/pads allow you to simply attach the light to the underside of the hood with minimal fuss.  Genius!  The FINISHGARD hooks provide lasting protection for the vehicle’s finish so no worries there.  The frame extended from 48″ to 78″ so most any car or truck should be covered.

Milwaukee M12 Underhood Light
Milwaukee M12 Underhood Light



Traditional Mounting Hook

Milwaukee M12 Underhood Light

In addition to the unique sliding frame hooks Milwaukee has also included a common flip out stainless steel hook for more traditional hanging scenarios.

TRUEVIEW High Definition Output

Milwaukee M12 Underhood Light

You can’t have a light and not get all geeky with it’s specifications.  The Milwaukee 2125-20 / 2125-21XC  offers up to 1350 lumens of TRUEVIEW output from it’s chemical and impact resistant lens.  TRUEVIEW is Milwaukee’s term for their high definition output which represents more real life colors for better visibility.  The light features a low and high setting.  Low will get you 8 hours of runtime using a 4.0Ah battery pack and provide 600 lumens of light.  The high setting will output 1350 lumens and nets you 4 hours of runtime on that same 4.0Ah pack.

Milwaukee M12 Underhood Light

Milwaukee M12 Underhood Light

Published Specifications:

Voltage: 12V
Length: 47.51″
Weight: 4.63 lbs
Height: 8.97″
Width: 3.96″
Warranty: 5 Year Tool Warranty, LED Limited Lifetime Warranty

Tool Report Specifics.

Manufacturer: Milwaukee Tool
Web Link:
Includes: 2125-20 – Tool only  ///  2125-21XC –  light, charger and (1) 4.0Ah battery pack
Country of Origin: China
Estimated Street Price: 2125-20 /$200, 2125-21XC Kit $250
Warranty: 5 Years
Availability: Now

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