Are Single Battery 110V Power Inverters Coming Down the Pipeline?

Our Tool Prediction articles are intended to be a glimpse into the future of what products we think are right around the corner.


Small Draw Electronics on the Job Site

With all the laptops and other small draw electronics on job sites these days the need for portable clean 110V AC is growing.  The perfect solution would be to make a very simple 100W or less single battery inverter like the mocked up unit shown below.  These units would be perfect for powering a laptop or other small draw item requiring little wattage.  These inveters would need to be clean power so pure sign and not a modified sine unit.  Yes runtime would be very limited but something such as a laptop or other small electronic device not capable of charging over USB wouldn’t draw much.

Battery InverterIs this mocked up power inverter something tool manufacturers could be working on?

Looking Forward

Like all tool predictions we like to look back and update as time goes by.  If the product comes out we can pat ourselves on the back.  If the product never comes to market we can re-address if it’s still a needed product or we can look at the market to see if things have changed.

Rob B.

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