Milwaukee Steelhead Diamond Metal Cutting Blades

Milwaukee recently released a new line of diamond coated metal cutting blades.  These blades are in direct competition to the standard bonded abrasive wheels which we’ve all used for years.


Milwaukee Steelhead Blades

Milwaukee Steelhead Blades

The secret sauce to these new blades is the diamond coated segments which do the heavy lifting.  There are many advantages to using this type of blade over a traditional bonded abrasive wheel.  The most easily visible advantage will be the lack of depleting wheel diameter.  With an abrasive wheel as you make cuts the diameter of the wheel decreases which then decreases your depth of cut and reduces your productivity.  Anyone who has used a 4-1/2″ abrasive wheel in a grinder will attest to how frustrating it is to have the wheel works it’s way down to a less than desirable diameter but you still try to squeak out every last cut you can before swapping it out.  Those days are gone with this new style of blade.  Milwaukee makes the claim of the Steelhead blades lasting 75 times longer than an abrasive wheel.  We plan to do some very extensive testing with these blades in the coming months so we will let you know how true those claims are.  We have used dry cut saws extensively versus abrasive chop saws and can say our results with those have been close to their claim so we’d say they are right on the money.

The second big advantage is one which may be overlooked by many but it’s something that should be strongly stressed.  SAFETY!  With bonded abrasive wheels the material is known to break apart and send it’s various shards in all directions.  Many guys who have never had this happen may look down at this selling point but those who have will be very happy.  The dangers of a disintegrating abrasive wheel can be very hazardous and has caused some large companies to look into the possibility of eliminating them from their workforce.


Available Sizes:

Milwaukee Steelhead Blades

These new Milwaukee Steelhead line of blades come in 7 different sizes ranging from 4″ all the way up to 14″ for use on standard chop saws.


Milwaukee Steelhead Part Numbers

49-93-7800, 4″
49-93-7805, 4-1/2″
49-93-7810, 5″
49-93-7815, 6″
49-93-7820, 7″
49-93-7835, 12″
49-93-7840, 14″



The new line of Milwakee Steelhead blades are available now at both Home Depot as well as any of your industrial Milwaukee dealers.  At the time of this writing most dealers were in the process of bringing in stock in several of the more popular sizes.

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