Makita XWT08 Impact Wrench vs. BTW450 & IR2131A on 150ft./lb Lug Nuts

In this short video we do a basic side-by-side test of the Makita XWT08 brushless impact versus the Makita BTW450 and Ingersoll Rand IR2131A.


Why We Shot This Short Video.

We were in the middle of doing a tire rotation on one of our work F-150 truck when we ran into a problem.  The lug nuts on our 2007 F-150 are torqued to 150ft./lbs and our standard Makita BTW450 wouldn’t break them loose.  The BTW450 is rated at 325ft./lbs and we normally haven’t had issues doing lug nuts but usually at lower torque ratings.  Most of our vehicles are around 110ft./lbs.  We then broke out our Ingersoll Rand IR2131A air impact which is rated at 600 ft./lbs and also had issues breaking the lugs loose.  Our solution was to open up the new Makita XWT08Z impact which which is rated at 740 ft./lbs and it stomped all over the other two units.  Very impressive.


We are excited to do some more extensive testing of the Makita XWT08 now that we have one in our test fleet.  Also we will report on long term durability after we put some miles on it.


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