The Ultimate 12V Drill/Driver from Bosch – Bosch GSR12V-15 FlexiClick

Bosch is set to release the most feature packed 12V drill/driver on the market.  The new Bosch GSR12V-15 FlexiClick is a brushless 12V driver with an interchangeable nose assembly.

Bosch GSR12V-15Bosch GSR12V-15 Shown with Right Angle Attachment in Conjunction with 3/8″ Keyless Chuck

Bosch GSR12V-15
Bosch GSR12V-15 Shown with Offset Driving Attachment


The FlexiClick System

The heart of the Bosch FlexiClick system are the interchangeable attachments which allow for task specific operations.  These 4 available attachments can be rotated a full 360 degrees in 16 increments.  And this can be done without removing the attachment which is a bonus compared to other similar tools which require removing the attachment and then indexing to another position to re-attach.  So let’s cover the components of the GSR12V-15 in detail.


Main Body

The main unit of the GSR12V-15 is very similar to the PS22-02 with an efficient brushless motor and 2-speed gearbox.  Speed ranges from 0-400 RPM & 0-1300 RPM.  It also features a fully functional clutch with 20 settings plus a “drill” lock-out mode.  A handy battery status indicator next to the trigger informs you of your current battery pack level.  And to round things out in the drill body is an bright LED light below the clutch color to illuminate your work.  The handle is very comfortable with a rubber over-molded grip similar to other Bosch 12V models.  All this is powered by a 10.8V/12V Li-ion battery pack available in 2.oAh or 4.0Ah sizes (2.0 Ah included).

Bosch GSR12V-15


1/4″ Hex Quick Release Bit Holder

The world of drill/drivers is quickly shifting over to dumping a traditional chuck in favor of a 1/4″ hex quick change bit holder.  They are extremely handy and makes changing bits an effortless click of the nose piece.  There are downsides to a 1/4″ hex drive versus a standard chuck, the main one is having to buy more expensive 1/4″ hex drill bits which are not as common and can harder to source in a pinch.

Bosch GSR12V-15


3/8″ Keyless Drill Chuck

With 1/4″ hex drivers becoming so popular it sometimes becomes a pain to drill a regular hole if you don’t have special 1/4″ hex drill bits.  Anyone who has access to both a drill and a driver will always find it the best marriage when needing to pre-drill and drive fasteners.  Many of us will use a separate drill to pre-drill and then pick up our impact to drive a screw.  With this unit you can easily pre-drill with the chuck attachment.  Then detach the chuck with the drill bit still inserted and insert the above 1/4″ hex driver with a bit already inserted.  This would make quick work of pre-drilling and driving all without having to have special 1/4″ hex drill bits like you would need with a dedicated 1/4″ hex unit.  Very slick Bosch!

Bosch GSR12V-15


Offset 1/4″ Hex Driving Attachment

An offset attachment is one of those goodies where it is often rarely used but when you need to get into a tight spot with little clearance for the drill body you will be very thankful you have it.  Cabinet installers and furniture assemblers will likely use this attachment often.

Bosch GSR12V-15


Right Angle Attachment

The right angle attachment is then most versatile of all the attachments since it is used in conjunction with any of the above attachments.  If you are needing to make a right angle chuck just click the 3/8″ drill chuck to the right angle attachment and you are in business.  The same goes for making the GSR12V-15 into an offset right angle or a right angle 1/4″ hex driver.  And don’t forget you can easily rotate the right angle attachment a full 360 degrees in 16 different positions with just the rotation of the collar.  Without removing the attachment.

Bosch GSR12V-15


So who is the Intended Buyer of the Bosch GSR12V-15?

We see this tool covering many category of buyers.  From professional cabinetry and furniture builders in their shops to guys in the field who will find the extreme versatility a lifesaver at times.  And then there will be the serious DIY guys who will find the 12V platform adequate for their drill/driving needs and will purchase this as a “one tool solution.

Below is a quote from Theron Sherrod, product manager, cordless tools, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation.

“The Bosch FlexiClick 5-in-1 Drill/Driver System offers the highest number of attachments in the 12-volt class.  With one click the user has an attachment in place that will deliver precision and power in a compact tool. And the right-angle attachment ensures users can get into even the smallest spaces.”


Tool Report Specifics.

Tool Manufacturer: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation
Model #: GSR12V-15, GSR 12V-15
Includes: Drill body, 3/8″ chuck, 1/4″ driver, offset, right angle attachments, case, charger and 2 Li-ion batteries.
Country of Origin: NA
Estimated Street Price: NA
Warranty: 3 Years
Availability: NA


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