Metabo 627301000 Eight Bay Li-ion Cordless Battery Charger

If there was a contest for the biggest baddest cordless tool battery charger Metabo would win the award hands down.  The new Desktop Charger ASC Multi 8 (627301000) from Metabo charges eight of their Li-ion or LiHD packs in parallel order.


Parallel Versus Sequential Charging

Parallel charging means the Metabo 627301000 charges all 8 packs at the SAME TIME.  Usually on large capacity chargers like this they charge in sequential format.  Sequential charging only charges one pack at a time and then moves on to the next pack.  An example of this would be the Milwaukee 48-59-1806 six bay charger.  Another example would be with Makita on their two bay versus their four bay charger.  The two bay DC18RD charges in sequential order so both are charged at the same time.  But on their DC18SF four bay unit it charges in a combination of parallel and sequential depending on if charging two or four batteries.  By far a sequential multi-bay charger is the best solution but it has a downside of costing more to produce.


Pack Compatibility

The Desktop Charger ASC Multi 8 627301000 will charge any Metabo Li-ion or LiHD slide-on style battery pack from 14.4V through 36V.


Trying to Keep your Cool

With charging multiple packs you’re going to be building an immense amount of heat.  Heat and Lithium packs are not a combination which leads to long battery life.  And when you are talking about 8 packs simultaneously charging the generated heat was a prime concern for Metabo.  To help reduce the heat issue Metabo incorporated two features.  The first was their patented “AIR COOLED” charging technology for all individual battery packs.  Moving air is the best way to cool the cells as they are charged.  Makita has taken this route since day one with their LXT platform and is the reason why they always led the competition in charge times.  Bosch also took the approach to use air in their packs but not moving the air.  Rather they have voids within their new CORE18V packs which helps cool the cells.  The second feature Metabo built into this new charger to deal with heat was  to construct the housing from robust aluminum which acts as a huge heat sink.


Additional Features

  • Handy carry handle for mobile use.
  • Hanging hook for space-saving wall mount.
  • Side on/off switch.
  • Charge rate: 3.0 A per bay.
  • Charge time: approx. 30 minutes at 1.5 Ah; approx. 80 minutes at 4.0 Ah

Metabo 627301000 Charger

Tool Report Details

Manufacturer: Metabo Tools
Estimated Street Price: TBA
Country of Origin: Germany
Warranty: 3 Year
Availability:  ?


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