Imperial IBOAT360 – First Ever Titanium Coated Carbide Multi-Tool Blade

Imperial IBOAT360 Blade

Imperial blades out of Sun Prairie, WI has launched the FIRST EVER titanium coated carbide tipped multi-tool blade.  IBOAT360.


Imperial IBOAT360 Blade

The new Imperial IBOAT360 blade will launch in both single packs as well as 2, 5 and 10 packs. IBOAT360-1, IBOAT360-2, IBOAT360-5 and IBOAT360-10.


Imperial Blade “One Fit” Universal System

Imperial Blades have been using the “One Fit” universal system for some time now.  Their “One Fit” is a design of the blade interface which is compatible with virtually every multi-tool on the market.  This includes all tools using the OIS interface such as Bosch and Makita.  It’s also fully compatible with Fein tools star interface.  And you’ll notice the back is cut out so you Dewalt users will be happy as well.


Great On Multiple Materials

Imperial Blades


Highlighted Features

  • Carbide teeth designed for wood, thick metal, pvc and tile
  • 30x longer life than bi-metal blades
  • TITANIUM coating for up to 30% longer life
  • ONE FIT® Universal Design fits 99% of all tools


Imperial Blades


30X More Cuts Than Standard Bi-Metal Blades


Imperial IBOAT360 Blade


Imperial Blades


Real World Feedback

In the next few months we have an extensive multi-tool review planned.  During this test we will not only be testing various brands and models of multi-tools but we will also have a blade cut test.  A much anticipated part of this cut test will be a nail cutting segment.  We are jazzed to see how this blade performs versus others on the market.


Tool Report Details

Manufacturer: Imperial Blades
Estimated Street Price: $17.00 each
Country of Origin: USA
Warranty: 1 Year
Availability:  Now

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