Hitachi G12VE BRUSHLESS 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder

Hitachi G12VE

Hitachi pushes the envelope on performance grinders with their new G12VE 4-1/2″ variable speed BRUSHLESS 12 amp angle grinder.



In the world of power tools the word “Brushless” has always been associated with cordless tools. A cordless tool is more greatly impacted by a brushless motor than a corded tool.  This is because a brushless motor’s greatest advantage is in it’s efficiency which translates to an extended run-time in a cordless tool.  This doesn’t mean a brushless motor can’t make sense in a corded tool though.  There are numerous other benefits of brushless.  Just the act of removing the carbon brushes makes the motor run cooler with no arcing and the mess and hassle of replacing worn brushes.  Also this more efficient motor is able to be used with extra long extension cords which is a plus.  And if you are using this grinder on a standard generator or engine driven welder you will be pleased to hear it features built-in inverter circuitry


Internal Inverter Circuit

For those who may be running this grinder from a temporary power source such as a portable generator or engine driven welder it features circuitry dedicated to this situation.  The internal inverter circuitry cleans up the power source and modulates the sine wave to provide the brushless motor with more stable power and reduces the chances of damage to electronic components.

Hitachi G12VE

User Features

The Hitachi G12VE grinder packs some unique features which set this apart from other grinders on the market.

Zero Voltage Restart:
This one can’t be emphasized enough.  It’s a very common occurrence to have a circuit breaker blow, extension cord kicked out or some other issue which results in a loss of power.  With grinders featuring a slide switch or a paddle switch with lock-on this becomes a potentially very dangerous situation.  When power is lost a user doesn’t normally think to slide the switch back to the off position.  Instead they generally set the grinder down and then investigate the power loss.  Once power is regained you now have an unmanned out of control grinder which becomes a major hazard.  Many people are injured each year by this exact situation.  With the Zero Voltage Restart feature the tool will not power up without first switch the switch from the on position back to the off position and then again back to on.

Electric Overload Protection:
It’s no secrete angle grinders are one of the most abused tools in a shop.  They live a pretty hard life.  Thankfully the Hitachi G12VE has Electric Overload Protection to safeguard from excessive abuse.  This overload protection shuts down the motor when too much draw is asked of the motor.  Excessive pressure and heat will cause the motor to turn off requiring an off/on to get the grinder back up and running.  This isn’t a unique feature to just this grinder as we have seen it on other models from Bosch and others.  Once we get a test unit we will evaluate the limits of this overload.  In the past we have tested models which cut out much too soon causing user frustration.

Kick-Back Reduction:
If the cutting or grinding wheel binds up the grinder will automatically power off to protect the motor and gears.



Many grinders are switching over to a reduced body diameter.  This reduced diameter cuts back on user hand fatigue from prolonged use.  Another note on ergonomics is the forward angles side handle.  This is a more natural hand position as opposed to the straight 90 degree side handle seen on most grinders.  This is a feature found on many Makita grinders and we have personally found this very nice.

Hitachi G12VE
Notice the slim body and forward angled side handle.


Highlighted Features

Weight: 4.2
Amps: 12
RPM: 2,800-10,000
Wheel Size: 4-1/2″
Switch Style: Slide
Soft start: Yes
Zero voltage restart: Yes
Electronic overload protection: Yes


Tool Report Details

Manufacturer: Hitachi Power Tool
Estimated Street Price: $190.00
Country of Origin: China
Warranty: 1 Year
Availability:  Now

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