Cuz-D Industries “Straight Flush Saw” – Undercutting and More

It’s not often a new product comes into an existing category that really makes us stop and take notice.  There has been an ever growing boom of unique tools within the cordless categories but when it comes to corded tools and particularly circular saws the category has seemed a bit stale.  But then here comes the Straight Flush Saw from Cuz-D Industries.

Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw


Not Just a Regular Circular Saw

While the Straight Cut Saw resembles a regular worm drive saw it’s far from regular.  The key unique features of this saw are it’s ability to make…  you guessed it, flush cuts.  It does this by easily removing the plastic guard assembly which exposes the recessed arbor blade.  With the guard removed and the saw tilted to a negative 5 degree bevel the saw can perfectly trim sub-floors, window cutouts and other non-traditional circular saw cuts.

Cuz-D Straight Flash Saw
The Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw making a perfect sub-floor cut.

Undercutting Made Simple

With removing the guard, folding up the front deck and rotating of the rear handle the Straight Flush Saw becomes a fully capable undercutting saw.

Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw
The Straight Flush Saw shown in undercutting mode

Rotating Rear Handle

Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw

Thumb Operated Lower Blade Guard Assembly

Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw

Lifetime Warranty

One of the most impressive features of the Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw is not part of the saw itself.  Rather the exceptional commitment the company puts into standing behind their product.  It’s almost unheard of to have a lifetime warranty on a power tool.  Yes on hand tools but in the world of power tools this is just not something you ever see.  They even take it one step further and warranty the saw for life even if you aren’t the original owner.  The exact verbiage is as follows.  “Guaranteed for life period. If it breaks, bring it in and get a new one. Even if you aren’t the original owner.”  As of this writing we are not aware of a dealer network setup for repairs so it’s assumed defective saws will be sent directly back to Cuz-D for evaluation.

Cuz-D Straight Flush Saw

Full Feature List

  • 14lbs 3oz full saw weight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Flip over rip guide or left handed rail
  • 3-1/8″ depth of cut for full 3x capability
  • Wood, metal or concrete cutting
  • 65 deg., 45 deg., 22.5 deg., 0 deg. and -5 deg. bevel stops
  • Deployable front deck for 1-9/16″ front flush cuts
  • Easy undercut or jam cutting
  • Trigger actuated ambidextrous lower guard retraction
  • Magnesium alloy housing

Estimated Street Price – $575.00

More Information

Cuz-D Industries Website – Link

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