SawStop vs. Bosch REAXX Lawsuit Press Release Update

Today SawStop out of Tualatin, OR has issued an updated press release in regards to their ongoing lawsuit with German tool company Bosch.

Read the official press release below.


SawStop Press Statement Summary

The release essentially states the ITC Presidential review window has expired without any response from the ITC.  This means the ITC order against Bosch’s ability to import their REAXX saws will be enforced.  The heavy wording of  (“cease and desist from conducting any of the following activities in the United States: importing, selling, marketing, advertising, distributing, transferring (except for exportation), and soliciting United States agents or distributors for imported [Reaxx] table saws and components thereof.”) is still mentioned in this release so one can only assume the Bosch REAXX saw is now officially dead within the US.  It’s a sad day.


Bosch’s Official Response  -March 23rd Statement

Bosch REAXX StatementClick to Enlarge


Bosch REAXX Saw Owners.

We want to once again mention current Bosch REAXX saw owners will still be able to get their saws serviced just as they would any other Bosch tool.  And since the cartridges are made in the US they are not caught up in this situation because they are not imported.  If I owned a REAXX saw I suppose I would still want to buy a cartridge or two to have as a spare in case who knows what happens down the road.  And if  you are in the market for a REAXX saw I would act quickly.  A few dealers we have spoken to still have a handful of units available but are unsure if they will be able to reorder from current US inventory or if that will be locked out soon.


Bosch Dealers

Most we have spoken to said they plan to order a few cartridges to keep on hand for purchasers of REAXX saws which should be comforting to anyone who dropped the $1500 to buy one.


The ToolReport Take on this

As we have stated before we feel this lawsuit with Bosch will only cause more ill feeling towards SawStop by woodworkers.  All you have to do is spend 15 minutes reading through woodworking forums to find out SawStop has dug themselves an image hole and just keeps pulling more dirt out of it.  At some point they need to take a look at themselves and see if their hard edged way of doing business is truly in their best interest.  Yes we all agree SawStop makes a great product but once their patents are up and there is a viable option from another company they will see a huge backlash.  Many users we have spoken to over the years have said they reluctantly purchased a SawStop saw and wish they had an alternative.  It’s not always about building a better mousetrap.  SawStop needs to look at it’s way of conducting business and realize it’s not in their best interest long term.

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