Rugged Job Site Coffeemaker – COFFEEBOXX From OXX, Inc.

The COFFEEBOXX from OXX, Inc is not your normal tool to be discussed or reviewed on ToolREPORT.  But since the COFFEEBOXX is directly marketed towards our target audience of builders and contractors a closer look is in order.


A Rugged Jobsite Portable Coffee Maker

To sum up the COFFEEBOX it’s essentially a very portable ruggedized coffeemaker which is compatible with standard K-Cups.  It runs off of standard 120V wall power via its retractable 3’ power cord.



Main Features:

Two separate supply lines.  One for coffee but also one dedicated to just hot water.  Why hot water only?  Some of the many uses would be for making tea and cocoa but also such things as making oatmeal and soups.  A perfect option for a jobsite without a dedicated kitchen.  Or camping?  As much as this is designed and marketed to the industrial market the recreation market is all over this unit since it’s a perfect mate for camping, if you have the power available to run it.



Since a portable coffeemaker will need to be securely mounted it features 6 stainless steel mounting points.  Perfect for bungee cords or lightweight tie downs.



One of the most valuable features to us is the removable 2.5L water reservoir capable of making up to 10 cups of coffee.  This feature is very important to us since on many jobsites there won’t be running water so you will need to remotely fill this tank and then transport it back to the COFFEEBOXX for brewing.  This will allow you to leave the COFFEEBOXX at its location and not worry about spilling a container full of water.  And to top it off the water reservoir features a replaceable carbon filter so you know the water supply will be clean and safe.



The COFFEEBOX will brew either a standard sized mug or as tall as an insulated cup.  These are in 8oz., 10oz. or 12oz. selections.  And all it takes is 70 seconds to complete it’s brew.

Rugged Construction

When OXX states the COFFEEBOXX is rugged they aren’t kidding.  There are many pictures floating around the web with various scenarios showing it being abused.  From vehicles parking on top of them to it being dropped or being subjected to doses of running water.  The COFFEEBOXX is constructed of a robust housing which is claimed to be able to withstand 1500 lbs. of load.  And with its IP54 rating it is protected against dust and water intrusion.  And the COFFEEBOXX ‘s internal construction consists of structural ribbing which protects it from impacts and drops.  With its stainless steel hardware it’s fully protected from rust should it be subject to harsh environments.


Multiple Colors Available


A Note on Powering the COFFEEBOXX

Since the COFFEEBOXX is powered by standard 120V AC power this means you’re major hurdle in using this in a truly portable situation will be finding power.  Yes a small generator will power it with no problem but that isn’t a perfect solution.  To solve this problem the COFFEEBOXX is a perfect mate to the new Dewalt DCB1800B portable power station.  If you are on a jobsite running this combination makes perfect sense since you will be running cordless tools anyway.  And in a recreation environment it would also be a great fit since you can power all your 120V needs while off the grid.  If you have not seen the Dewalt DCB1800B I’d suggest you take a look at it.


Future Follow Up

Like usual when we do a Quick Look article we try to follow up later on with a full hands-on report featuring real world feedback from our staff or Partner Members.  Check back for a link to that report.


Feature Summary:
  • Separate on-demand hot water line
  • Six external stainless steel tie-downs
  • 3-ft. retractable power cord, 120V AC
  • Rubberized carrying handle
  • Removable drip tray
  • Replaceable carbon filter
  • Auto-off
  • Accessories available


  • Works with all single serve coffee pods (K-Cups)
  • 120V AC, 60Hz, 1450 Watts
  • 11”L X 9” W X 11.5”H
  • 12 Lbs empty
  • 2.5L/84.5 oz water tank


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