Makita DRC200Z RoboPRO Brushless 36V Cordless Robotic Industrial Vacuum

Industrial DRC200Z Robotic Cordless Vacuum From Makita

Makita DRC200Z Vacuum

Who is the DRC200Z Robotic Vacuum Customer?

You may be thinking this is way out of the norm for an industrial power tool manufacturer to come out with a robotic vacuum such as the DRC200Z RoboPRO.  Well it’s not because the DRC200Z isn’t designed to compete with a residential Roomba vacuum.  This unit is right at home in a commercial or industrial setting such as a warehouse, manufacturing floor, large office, etc.  Many maintenance professionals will find this unit very appealing.


Power and Run Time

The beauty of the DRC200Z vacuum is the power source.  It runs off any of the standard Makita LXT battery packs already in use by many industrial and commercial users.  This is an “X2” unit from Makita which means is runs on two 18V Li-ion LXT packs which combines to make a 36V tool.  This is a great way to get the power of a 36V tool without committing to an entirely different battery platform.  With these two batteries Makita claims a run time of 200 continuous minutes with 5.0Ah packs.  Subtract run time if you are running 3.0Ah or 4.0Ah batteries and increase run time if using 6.0Ah packs.


Function:  How it works

The DRC200Z functions fully autonomously.  It’s ultrasonic sensors keep it from running into solid objects, changing direction if it encounters such an obstacle.  If it does contact an object there are no worries since it has a built-in bump sensor which also sends the vacuum into a new random direction.  What about stairs, ledges and overhangs?  No problem.  It features cliff sensors both front and rear to detect the loss of floor and will once again turn to a new path.


Remote Control Unit

Makita DRC200Z Vacuum

What could make this robotic vacuum even cooler you may be asking?  How about an efficient simple remote control.  The remote allows you to power on and off the unit, start and stop the unit, power on the suction as well as locate the unit through a beacon feature.  In addition to these it also selects between the pattern and random modes as well as the important timer settings.


Perimeter Tape

Makita DRC200Z Vacuum

Many people will be questioning how he unit s knows to stay within a particular area.  Through the use of simple reflective tape the unit knows it’s boundary confine and only vacuums within that area.


Canister Dumping

Makita DRC200Z Vacuum

Emptying the unit is very simple through the use of a removable canister which contains the internal filter as well.  Simply remove the container, dump and replace.  What could be easier.  No need to carry the unit to the trash or deal with bags.


Makita DRC200Z Vacuum


DRC200Z Product Highlights

  • Automatic cleaning: Two automatic running modes (random & pattern). Buzzer and blinking light to make nearby workers aware of presence.
  • Cleaning area setting function: Enables user to define a cleaning area by putting boundary tape on the floor as boundary line that the cleaner cannot pass.
  • Obstacle detection: Ultrasonic sensor and bumper sensor
  • Two selectable dust collection modes: Vacuum plus brush for small and large debris. Power brush only for collecting large debris.
  • Cliff sensor
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Carry handle for easy transport
  • Power brush
  • 2x Side brushes
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • Brushless motor
  • LED warning light for filter maintenance
  • Powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries in parallel
  • On-timer: enables automatic starting at 1, 3 or 5 hours


Published Specifications:

  • Battery :2X 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion
  • Brushless Motor :Yes
  • HEPA filters available :No
  • Gross Container Size :.66 gal.
  • Cleaning Width (without side brushes) :8-7/8″
  • Cleaning Width (with side brushes) :18-1/16″
  • Working Sound Level :64 dB(A)
  • Continuous Use (max, in minutes) :200 min.
  • Overall Length :18-1/8″
  • Net Weight (with battery) :17.2 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight :21.4 lbs.
  • UPC Code :088381-822916

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