Milwaukee Tick – Wireless One-Key Tool & Equipment Tracker

Milwaukee Tick Tool Tracker

Why Do We Need Equipment Tracking Devices?

Keeping track of expensive tools and equipment on job sites has been a headache for working crews for years.  Missing items could be tools walking off job sites or leaving tools accidentally behind. Another thing to consider is lost productivity from searching for a piece of equipment. There have been costly and complex solutions such as Dewalt’s Mobilelock GPS locator but there hasn’t been a simple or cost effective solution until now.  Welcome to the Milwaukee Tick Tool and Equipment tracking device powered by One-Key.


How Does the Tick Work?

Using a proprietary wireless signal the Tick can communicate up to 100 feet away with your mobile device running the One-Key app.  The Tick is powered by a single CR2032 coin cell battery.  This battery is projected to last up to 1 year.  And the Tick will notify you via the One-Key app when the battery dips below 20% and then once again when at the critical 5% mark.

Milwaukee Tick Tool Tracker Exploded View


Exposure to the Elements.

Milwaukee designed the Tick to withstand the rigorous life of the average job site.  It’s both water and dust resistant for starters.  It’s also resistant to freezing and extreme heat.  And then to top it off it’s also impact resistant so drops and falls won’t effect it’s functionality.

Milwaukee Tick Tool Tracker Weather


Where and How to Mount a Tick.

With it’s small size and multiple mounting options a Tick can easily be mounted to most items.  Milwaukee lists 4 specific mounting options but with creativity you could come up with other methods.  The easily way is via nylon zip ties.  This method would be handing where a hard mount won’t work.  Then there are the two similar methods of riveting or screwing.  These are great methods on some items but definitely not an option for some.  the final is via epoxy or adhesive.  This will likely be a popular method.  i could see this being used on the inside of a small generator an expensive ladder where you don’t want to drill or screw into it.

Milwaukee Tick Tool Tracker - Attachment


Major Benefits of Using Milwaukee Tick Trackers.

Deter Theft – Cut down on stolen tools. Reduce internal thefts.
Eliminate Tools Left Behind – Recover accidentally left behind items.
Reduce Stockpiling/Hording – Manage your equipment better by seeing where your items are sitting.
Save Labor from Downtime – Searching for misplaced equipment kills your productivity.
Plan Equipment Purchases – Have better judgment on a specific job site’s needs at a glance from your app.


So How Much?

Milwaukee sells the Tick as a single unit (48-21-2000) with an estimated street price of $30-$35.  Next up is a 4 pack (48-21-2004) which will reduce your per unit cost by $5 or so.  Then comes a ten pack (48-21-2010) which will likely be a very popular choice for reducing cost per unit a few bucks more.  And then there is the mega 50 pack (48-21-2050) which would be the cheapest per unit option which will get you close to $20 each.  As of writing this the Ticks are just about to start shipping and will be available at Home Depot and your favorite industrial Milwaukee dealer.


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Learn more about the Milwaukee Tick Tracker from their website.

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