ITC Issues Cease & Desist to Bosch Regarding REAXX US Saw Sales

The Ongoing Battle of SawStop Versus Bosch Over REAXX Saw.

So is the REAXX saw now dead.  Is the lawsuit over?


Official ITC Summary:

Notice is hereby given that the U.S. International Trade Commission has issued a limited exclusion order against certain products of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation and Robert Bosch GmbH, and a cease and desist order against Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. The investigation is terminated.

Above Taken From ITC Investigation No. 337-TA-965

On January 27 the ITC (International Trade Commission) formally presented Robert Bosch Tool Corporation with a cease and desist order in an ongoing legal battle spurred by SawStop out of Tualatin, Oregon.  The order is specifically to halt any further sales of Bosch’s competing REAXX table saw.  The REAXX saw features flesh detecting technology similar to SawStop’s products.  An excerpt from the ITC letter states:

…an order that Robert Bosch Tool Corp. cease and desist from importing, selling, marketing, advertising, distributing, offering for sale, transferring (except for exportation), or soliciting U.S. agents or distributors of imported table saws incorporating active injury mitigation technology and components thereof…

The ITC wording is pretty cut and dry but I’m sure there is more to come from Bosch’s side of things.  The Bosch REAXX saw has been a long time coming.  With the size of Bosch and it’s legal team you would have to of thought they were well aware of the direction this lawsuit could/would go.  And with that direction they would have had a plan to put in action if such an order came down.


So What Does This Mean to the Average Tool Buyers?

The largest problem will be for existing customers of REAXX saws.  The heart of the REAXX saw is the brake cartridge.  That cartridge will be part of the ban so if you currently own a REAXX saw you should plan to buy several cartridges before they become unavailable in the US.  Of course I’d assume this saw will be sold throughout Europe so buying a cartridge from outside the US should be an option if needed.  What does it mean to tool buyers who don’t already own a REAXX saw?  Less consumer choice and a less safe portable table saw market.


SawStop’s Legacy in the Market.

If SawStop truly lived up to their claims of wanting a safer table saw market you would think they would be accepting of a competing product.  Even a product that might have a likeness of their patent which is now quite old.  At some point SawStop will need to look at how this lawsuit is effecting their image.  One only has to look at many online woodworking forums to see the backlash they are causing.


Article Information.

United States International Trace Commission Letter.

Official SawStop letter regarding the lawsuit and final ITC statement.



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