Makita Launches New 36V Cordless Rear Handle Saw, XSR01Z & XSR01PT

As with years past Makita has used the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas as a platform to announce the release of a new product.  This year it’s the new XSR01Z & XSR01PT 36V X2 cordless brushless circular saws.  This new saw resembles a hypoid or worm drive saw with it’s rear handle but it’s actually a direct drive sidewinder style saw.  Makita already has the XSH01Z 36V sidewinder saw, but there is one major difference other than the rear handle versus top handle.


Blade Side.  Does it Matter?

If you are on the West Coast of the US you are more likely a worm drive or hypoid saw user versus a sidewinder.  Traditionally sidewinder saws have a blade on the right side of the saw.  This makes sense for many reasons and is used widely on the East Coast.  For whatever reason over here in the West we like our worm drives and have grown accustomed to having our blades on the left.  For a right handed person this puts the cut line clearly in sight.  I’ve grown up using both saws and see the benefits of each and will use either style saw in a pinch, but many guys are very hard lined on using only a blade left saw.


Makita’s 36V X2 LXT Battery Platform.

So now that we have the whole “blade side” taken care of lets look a bit closer at this new saw from Makita.  As with most newer tools it’s powered by a brushless motor.  If you need a refresher on brushed versus brushless motors be sure to check out this article.  This brushless motor is powered by 2 18V LXT battery packs which gives you a total of 36 volts.  Makita calls this their X2 platform.  Myself, like many tool users love the idea of getting a 36V tool without having to commit to a totally different battery platform.  Nice job on the X2 tools Makita!  Along with the monster XRJ06Z 36V X2 brushless reciprocating saw this new model is filling a gap between a standard 18V cordless tool and a more powerful corded tool.  In many ways the 36V tools are blurring the line of needing a corded tool.  These things truly can cut the cord in many situations.


Testing the XSR01Z & XSR01PT Saws.

We should be getting our hands on a test unit very soon to perform a review and will likely add the saw to our long term test fleet.  Makita is claiming 558 2×4 cuts per charge.  That claim will be put to the test along with some side by side power tests with competitive corded and cordless models.  Stay tuned!


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