1800 Watt Portable Power Station & Charger. The DCB1800B From Dewalt

Dewalt’s New DCB1800B and DCB1800M3T1 Portable Power Station.

Dewalt is changing the game with an 1800 watt portable power station combined with a 20V / 60V compatible charger.  Introducing the DCB1800B / DCB1800M3T1.


Battery Technology

Battery power has made leaps and bounds the past 5 or so years.  Nickel battery backs are becoming a thing of the past and lithium ion is charging ahead as the current go-to standard.  With it’s lightweight, no memory and full discharge cycles Li-Ion is a viable option now for many tools or products where battery power would not have been seen as logical.


What Powers It?

Dewalt Batteries

The Dewalt DCB1800B is powered by four standard Dewalt battery packs.  This can be any combination of 20V or new 60V Flexvolt packs.  The weakest link will be the lowest capacity pack within the 4 packs.  So if you had 3 60V packs and one 2.0Ah 20V pack loaded run time would be limited by the smallest 2.0Ah pack.  Once the smallest capacity pack is drained the unit will shutdown until that pack is replaced.  This isn’t a downside though since it allows you to run any combination of Dewalt  Li-Ion cordless packs not having to worry about matching sizes and voltages.


How Much Power Can it Produce?

The DCB1800B will produce a continuous 1800 watts of 120V AC power.  These full 15 Amps (Amps x Volts) will power most any standard hand held 120V power tool from drills, saws, to anything else.  It features 3600 watts of startup or peak power.  This peak 3600 watts is for momentary loads at startup times.  Where this unit will have problems in in VERY large start-up loads which would be seen with an air compressor or large bench-top tool such as a miter saw or table saw.  We will get more into detail on this when we do our full review test.


Run Time.

This is a very open ended question.  The DCB1800B could be powered by as little as (4) 2.0Ah packs which would severely limit your run time.  But on the other end of the spectrum you could load this bad boy up with (4) 60V Flexvolt packs which would increase runtime leaps and bounds beyond that of the little 20V 2.0Ah packs.  The chart below provided by Dewalt shows average jobsite uses and expected capacities.

Dewalt DCB1800B ChartThe Above chart lists average runtimes with (1) Flexvolt pack and (3) 4.0Ah 20V packs.

Additional Features

One of the best features of the DCB1800B / DCB1800M3T1 is the built-in battery charger.  This isn’t JUST a portable power station.  It’s in fact a 4 port parallel CHARGER as well.  This means you can run down all 4 of your on board packs and then plug the unit it and have it recharge all 4 packs in up to 2 hours.  This is huge in our option.  Keeping this unit as your main battery charger with fresh batteries on board means you can pull the plug and have a full 1800 watts of power ready at a moments notice for those jobs requiring remote power.  Of course this would mean investing in more Dewalt battery packs so you always had 4 cycling through the charger as you pulled depleted packs from your tools to swap with the charged packs.  If this is your way of thinking buy the DCB1800M3T1 kit is your ticket for sure.

Dewalt DCB1800Dewalt’s ToughSystem cases shown with cart.

Another great feature is the stacking ability built-in on this unit.  For users of the Dewalt ToughSystem cases they will be able to attach this unit to their current boxes and cart and be fully portable with all their gear nicely packed into one setup.

Dewalt DCB1800B

Receptacle on left is charging port. Plug on right is main power output.

Two Different Models are Available.

The basic unit is the DCB1800B which is the bare tool version which means it doesn’t include any batteries.  If you have loads of Dewalt 20V or 60V batteries you will likely buy into this model.  But the best value is the DCB1800M3T1 which is the kit version consisting of the main power station unit as well as (3) 4.0Ah 20V packs and one 60V 2.0Ah/6.0Ah Flexvolt pack.  If you add up the costs of all those packs the kit is a very good deal.

Full In-The-Field Product Review.

We should have a demo unit in our hands shortly which we will cycle through several different affiliate ToolREPORT parters.  These will consist from general contractors, specialty trades as well as DIY and home users.  From this data we will do a full feature review with very detailed run times and real world feedback.

Additional links and information.

Read more about this product at Dewalt’ official site.

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