New Site Feature – Tool Predictions

We Are Pleased to Roll Out a Fun New Site Feature!

Part of being around the tool industry for over 20 years is being able to see trends and predict what items will likely be coming to market in the future.  That and it’s always fun to dream up products we think should be available to make our building/fabrication lives easier.


What Type of Predictions Will We Publish?

It could be something general which we see coming down the pipeline.  Or in some cases it may be a prediction regarding a specific brand or model of a specific tool which we make a prediction on.


Isn’t This Information Too Good to Share?

Many of these predictions aren’t rocket science.  They are just suggestions or foreseen trends which we want to share with our readers.  Many of these are just “a better mousetrap” ideas and not some revolutionary industry changing invention.  If we truly thought there was an opportunity to effect the industry we would directly contact manufacturers to express our thoughts.


Tool Manufacturers Should be Listening.

Many of these predictions are easy to implement and could be turned into a viable product or tweak to an existing product with limited effort.  We encourage tool manufacturers to take our suggestions and run with them.


Look for This Logo in the Future.

Tool Predictions

In tool prediction articles going forward took for the logo above which will clue you in on the type of article we are writing.


Looking Back.

Much of the fun of making tool predictions is looking back after some time to see if any of them come true.  Look for future updates to many prediction articles as the industry shifts and impliments some of our predictions.

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