Knipex Ear Clamp Pliers 10 98 i220 & 10 99 i220

Knipex recently released two new ear clamp pliers.  For those unfamiliar with ear clamp pliers, they are used to tighten/clamp metal bands on hoses and such throughout the automotive and industrial industry.  See below for an example of a tool in use.

A 10 98 i220 in action

These new tools will come in two styles.  The 10 98 i220 which is a single front jaw for straight on clamping.  The second pair is the 10 99 i220 which is a dual jaw unit for clamping straight on as well as from the side at a 90 degree angle.  Very cool!  As with all Knipex hand tools these things a designed and built for a lifetime of use and their warranty is there to back that up.



Check out this video from Knipex showing the operation of these pliers in action.

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