Makita Creates Game Changing Sub-Compact 18V Li-Ion Cordless Category

Makita Sub-Compact – A New Category of 18V Cordless Tools

Makita Power Tools is about to launch a possibly huge industry changing product.  Makita Sub-Compact 18V LXT.  The photos below are of the yet to be released black “sub-compact” drill (XFD11) and impact driver (XDT15).  The thought with this sub-compact category is quite genius. You are basically straddling the line of the full 18V LXT line with a smaller 12V size tool.  Yes that’s right this sub-compact line runs on the regular 18V LXT Li-ion platform.  So it’s fully compatible with your already existing LXT tools, batteries and chargers.  But you get a drill and impact driver that are very close in size to a 12V platform tool.


Performance Differences?

The performance of the sub-compact drill and impact are a bit lower than that of the full size line but well beyond that of a 12V tool.  Many guys who run drills and impacts are not concerned about power since to be honest most 18V drills and impacts are more powerful than they need to be for basic drilling and driving.  No you wouldn’t want to use this sub-compact impact to run large lag bolts nor would you regularly use the drill for a large self-feed bit.  But they could if needed and since it’s on the same LXT platform you could always grab a larger impact or drill for those specific chores.


Who are these Makita Sub-Compact Tools For?

The intended market for these tools will be guys who put weight and size above all else.  No these sub-compact tools will not be for everyone.  Some people will buy this sub-compact combo kit and be happy with only these tools.  Many others will buy these tools to compliment their other Makita LXT tools.


The Market Reaction to the Makita Sub-Compact Tools.

Will other manufacturers follow suit?  Yes I believe they will.  Dewalt already has their smaller XR brushless tools so I could see them relaunching those tools with a sub-compact marketing view.  It’s very interesting to see a shift in the opposite direction of bigger, better and more powerful.  With Milwaukee releasing their High Demand 9.0Ah batteries, Dewalt with it’s revolutionary FlexVolt and Makita with their X2 36V tools the direction has been to make corded performance cordless tools.  This newly created category is all about maximizing the efficiency of a battery platform focusing on it’s size and weight.  Only time will tell if this gets traction, I see it as being a big win.

We will be doing a thorough tool report on both models in the coming months.

Availability will be late October to early November.

20160915_093002 20160915_092957

Quick Specification:

XDT15 Impact Driver
Estimated street price: $119 bare tool

XFD11 Drill/Driver
Estimated street price: $119 bare tool

CX200RB – 2 piece combo kit
Includes both DFD11 & XDT15
Estimated street price: $229


Notice the size difference between the already very compact XDT09.


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