SawStop Releases Statement Regarding Bosch Patent Infringement on REAXX Saw

Today SawStop, LLC released a lengthy statement in regards to the newly launched Bosch REAXX GTS1041A-09 table saw which they claim infringes on several of their patents.  Like many of their other releases it has quite “the sky is falling” feel to it so it will be interesting to see how Bosch reacts and what they say to comfort dealers and end users who are current or future REAXX owners.  You would think this heavy handed attitude would eventually have dealers and customers turned off by SawStop since they are the first to claim this was all about safety but now it seems like they have changed their tune to be about more than that.

The actual press release is attached below.  For those wanting to read the complete release text here it is located below the link.


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Bosch Reaxx Saw Infringes Patents: ITC Judge Finds for SawStop

Tualatin, OR — September 13, 2016

SawStop, LLC, the world leader in table saw safety, sued Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany and its subsidiary Robert Bosch Tool Corporation for patent infringement. The lawsuit is before the U.S. International Trade Commission. Last Friday, Administrative Law Judge Thomas B. Pender confirmed that the Bosch Reaxx saw infringes patents related to SawStop’s implementation of active injury mitigation technology and components thereof. Here is an excerpt:

“Based on the foregoing, it is my Initial Determination that there is a violation of Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended, 19 U.S.C. § 1337, in the importation into the United States, the sale for importation, or the sale within the United States after importation of certain table saws incorporating active injury mitigation technology and components thereof, in connection with the asserted claims of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,895,927 and 8,011,279.” –U.S. I.T.C., Inv. No. 337-TA-965

SawStop is asking the ITC to order US Customs to exclude Bosch’s Reaxx saws from entering the United States, and to order Bosch to stop advertising and selling the saws and associated parts, which might include replacement cartridges essential to the saw’s operation.

Dr. Stephen Gass, SawStop’s President, notes that “the technology in SawStop saws wouldn’t have made it to market except for the protection offered by the United States patent system. We have invested millions of dollars in research and development to protect woodworkers from serious injury, and our inventions have been awarded numerous patents. Bosch chose to introduce the Reaxx saw in disregard of our patents, and we were left with no alternative but to defend our patent rights in court. We are very pleased Judge Pender confirmed that Bosch infringes our patents.”

About SawStop Table Saws:
SawStop, established in 1999, is the world leader in table saw safety. Each SawStop saw stops and retracts the blade on contact with skin. The company’s saws are designed to minimize saw- related injuries and the costs associated with them. SawStop’s award-winning portable Jobsite Saw introduced in 2015 continues to be welcomed by glowing media reviews and thousands of happy customers across North America. Learn more at

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