Milwaukee Launches 9.0Ah M18 Li-Ion High Demand Battery Pack

This week Milwaukee finally started shipping their much anticipated 9.0Ah battery pack for their M18 Li-Ion platform.  Their marketing department has come up with the term “High Demand” for this bad boy.  And we can say that is a fitting stance since this heavy hitter will be used in many situation where demand for runtime will be paramount.  This will not be for your average drilling and driving uses.  But rather for tools and situations where runtime are critical to getting the job done.  The most practical application will be with most cutting tools.  Circular saws and reciprocating saws are known to be battery hogs even with the newly brushless Fuel line.  Also this will be a player in applications where changing a battery pack isn’t convenient or downright unsafe.  Ever been several hundred feet up a steel power pole running a mag drill?  I haven’t either but I have talked to many guys who have and swapping out a dead battery is the last thing they want to be doing up there.  So is this new battery pack a game changer like say the new FLEXVOLT from Dewalt.  I wouldn’t say in the same way but in many ways it is the future of cordless without a doubt.  Manufacturers have been bumping the amp hour bar up year after year and this is a huge move in the ever increasing battle.  I love it and can’t wait to see the reaction it causes to the market.

To learn more about the new Milwaukee High Demand battery pack check out this link for a dedicated site.

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