Pony Clamp to Suspend Operations in Chicago, IL

A well loved American manufacturing company has announced it will be ceasing operation of it Chicago, IL headquarters.  Once known as “The Adjustable Clamp Company” and last year changed their name to Pony Tools and produced lines of Pony and Jorgenson clamps for over 100 years.  Pony announced they will be ceasing all operations related to their clamp lines immediately.  Just last year they acquired Easy Wood turning tools and this division is said to still be in operation with no talk of it ending.  We did not hear of a reason why.  Recently there has been a lot of shifting in the clamping market with Bessey and Irwin.  This shifting of the market might have left Pony in a tight spot.

In our woodworking test shop we have used the Pony I-Bar clamps and have had great success with them for many years.  Not to mention all the c-clamps and bar clamps floating around both our metal and wood shops.  It’s always sad to see an American manufacturing company of any industry to fade away but to have one so closely tied to the very industry you’ve been around for 25 years it’s a little more sobering.  We with the best of luck to all the former employees.

As of this time nothing has been notated on their corporate site about the ceasing of operations but we can assume it will be in a matter of time.

Pony I-Bar Wood Clamp

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