Dewalt’s New 20V Max Adapter for 18V Tools – DCA1820

DCA1820_1_500X500Dewalt is launching a new accessory this month for their 18V platform that could be a game changer for their current 20V Max platform.  Of all the big players in the cordless power tool world Dewalt is the only manufacturer to maintain both a legacy nickel platform while simultaneously producing a forward looking lithium platform.  This has driven a wedge in ways between their own loyal customer base.  Users on their older 18V platform are reluctant to jump over to the newer 20V offering since they may have an extensive selection of perfectly usable tools.  So in the past guys continued to dredge along with their old nickel based tools looking ahead at the 20V offerings wondering when the best time would be to dump the old and move on.  Well Dewalt came up with a perfect solutions.  You can now keep those old 18V tools in your arsenal but power them via newer 20V Max lithium batteries.  This means you can safely update your tool selection to 20V Max tools but maintain a mix of older 18V tools at the same time.  The new adapter is the DCA1820 and essentially is a small pod which clips into the 18V tools like a regular battery but it features a slide at the bottom of the adapter which allows you to connect most 20V Max batteries.DCA1820_F7_500X500

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