Bosch GCM12SD – First Look

At first glance the new Bosch GCM12SD glide saw will have you scratching your head.  Gone are the traditional sliding rails we are all familiar with and instead there are a series of pivoting arms, 8 pivots to be exact.  These ball bearing pivot points provide a buttery smooth action which you’ll have to test for yourself to truly appreciate.  Bosch calls this new innovation their Axial-Glide System.  This system not only provides a new level of smoothness but it also has a bonus effect of not requiring as much space behind the saw when in the full retracted position.  A traditional sliding miter saw with rails typically requires 6”-12” more clearance space to accommodate the protruding rails. See photo 3.  There are acceptations to this with some unique rail saws such as the Festool Kapex and the Hitachi C12RSH.  Both of these models feature a fixed rail and the saw slides forward of the rail so rear clearance isn’t an issue as well.  So what are the down sides to this new Axial-Glide System you may be asking yourself.  First off is cost.  You pay a premium for that silky smooth action, about a $200 premium.  Aside from cost we have heard objections ranging from long term durability to the added complexity being a negative.  We can say we know of a very large local industrial cabinet shop running many of these saws and they seem to be holding up just fine in that harsh environment.  With Bosch’s track record we can’t see there being issues with quality so the added cost is our only minor quibble in this first look.  We will be completing a full report soon and will focus on cut quality, ease of use, and our regular full features and benefit review.


Points of Mention:

  • Axial-Glide System
  • Up front bevel controls
  • 90% dust collection
  • 52 deg Left, 60 deg Right Miter
  • 47 deg Left, 47 deg Right Bevel
  • 15 Amp motor

Quick Report Grade: A

Scheduled Full Report: TBD

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