Makita Remote Battery Pod Adapters

In a few countries outside the US Makita Power Tools offers remote battery adapters like what’s pictured below.  These adapter pods allow you to free up the weight of the battery from your tool and place it in a better location such as clipped to your waist where the weight is less of an issue.  We have seen some of these adapters from generic manufacturers but these are legit Makita items.


Makita BAP18 18V Adapter

The single 18V battery adapter is known in Japan as the BAP18.  This unit features a 1.2 meter (almost 4′) cord.

Makita BAP18

Makita BAP18



Makita BAP182 36V x2 Adapter

Also available in other countries is the BAP182 which is a 36V adapter for Makita’s x2 tools.

Makita BAP18


Why Run Remote Adapters?

These adapters all boil down to user fatigue and comfort.  If you have ever held a cordless tool such as an impact or drywall screw gun for hours at a time you know what that feels like.  Now imagine taking that full size battery and instead replacing it with a lightweight plastic remote adapter with a cord coming from it.  This setup won’t be for everyone nor suitable for every cordless tool setup.  But if you are a power user on an assembly line or in a heavy use situation this will be a viable alternative to the heavy battery weighing you down.


Will These Adapters Come to the US?

My gut says no.  I’ve worked in and around this industry for some time and I have had many accounts I’ve sold tools to which would definitely benefit from these adapters.  Unfortunately the vast majority wouldn’t.  I can think of a couple manufacturing plants which use a drill and impact all day tapping holes and running screws.  These users already switch over to slim compact batteries to save the weight on the user.  Runtime then suffers which required more downtime when changing packs.  These types of accounts would benefits but in the overall picture of Makita customers these sorts of accounts are a small fraction of the pie.


What’s next?

Most everyone who has seen these adapter pods always jumps to the next logical step and asks the same question.  What about a similar adapter but instead of having it adapt to a remote battery how about a 110V AC wall adapter?  This would be very cool to see since it would open the door to many tools being crossover products.  These tools would straddle the line between a corded and cordless tool.  Think of the Dewalt Flexvolt DHS790 or DHS716 which can use such an adapter.  Bench-top tools are the first go-to items that make the most.  But there are still many corded hand tools such as portable band saws, rotary hammers or large grinders which now do have viable cordless options.  Except heavy power users will usually buy a corded version.  How nice would it be if you could have something like a Makita 36V 7″ angle grinder which was powered by two 18V batteries?  And then click in one of these adapters and not worry about battery power levels when working in a shop as opposed to in the field work.  This will likely be a scenario we see in the not too distant future.



We are always looking for feedback on our articles.  When dealing with products from other countries its of particular interest to hear your thoughts.  Please comment or shoot us an email on what you think of these adapter pods and if you think pros would benefit from them.

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