Festool US FS Guide Rails

Festool to Start Manufacturing FS Guide Rails in the US

FS Guide Rails are the first product to be manufactured at the Festool facility in Lebanon, IN. In a recent announcement
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Milwaukee High Demand Battery Safety Notice

Milwaukee High Demand 9.0Ah Battery Safety Notice

On Friday June 30th Milwaukee Power Tools sent out  a mass email to it's users regarding their new High Demand
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Sawstop Acquired by Festool

SawStop Acquired by TTS Tooltechnic Systems (FESTOOL)

SawStop of Tualatin, Oregon today announced they are being acquired by the parent company of Festool, TTS Tooltechnic Systems out
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Skilsaw Southpaw

Skilsaw SOUTHPAW Blade Left 7-1/4″ Circular Saw, SPT67M8-01

When you ask which blade side of a circular saw a user likes the answer is almost always a regional
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Milwaukee +Stop Lock Clamps

Milwaukee +Stop Lock 2″ & 4″ Hand Clamps

The +Stop Lock clamps from Milwaukee Tools have been out for around a year but we are just now getting
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Makita BAP18

Makita Remote Battery Pod Adapters

In a few countries outside the US Makita Power Tools offers remote battery adapters like what's pictured below.  These adapter
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Surefire Sonic Defenders

Surefire Sonic Defenders Filtered Hearing Protection

Many times we like to go back and visit products on the market that really standout.  The Sonic Defenders line
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Makita LED Light

Makita Remote & Headlamp LED 18V LXT Lights – Coming to the US?

In this global market which extends far beyond the United States it's very interesting to look at products in other
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